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The latest disaster recovery and business continuity information can make a significant difference in the preparedness of your organization.

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Here are the articles you’ll find:

Getting Your Disaster Recovery Plan Going - Without 'Destroying' Your Budget!  Overwhelmed by the disaster recovery planning process? This article will give you the help you need to get your plan underway.

Items Often Overlooked in Disaster Planning, Even by Experienced Planners  Think your disaster plan has all your bases covered? You may be surprised by what you’ve overlooked.

Counter-Terrorism Preparedness  Despite September 11th, counter-terrorism preparedness remains dangerously low on corporate America’s list of priorities.

Bioterrorism: The Impact of Its Psychological Effects on Business Continuity  Learn how to cope with the real and the imagined effects of bioterrorism - which can shake employees' confidence in your ability to provide them with a safe and secure worksite.

11 Steps of Crisis Communication  Often a company's mis-communications turn a crisis into a public-relations disaster.  Learn the key steps to take before disaster strikes.

Is a violence-free workplace in your forecast?  Most companies take a "can't happen here" attitude, but it might be simmering below the surface - learn how to look for it.

Who’s Missing?  The building's evacuated and everybody should be safe - but are they?  Here's some thoughts and ideas on how to make sure.

An Ounce of Prevention . . . Insurance Paid But the Company Failed  Business Continuity Planning (BCP) requires more forward-thinking than just collecting on your insurance.

Facility Managers:  Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery in "Powerful" Times:  Are You Prepared?  Inspiring and thought-provoking musings about our changing and ever-more-dangerous world.

Bird Flu - Avian Flu Resources  A pandemic may or may not be coming - what does it mean to you and to your customers?

Disaster Recovery Planning for Banks Preparedness and Readiness are not just for regulatory approval - they can mean the difference between staying in business or not! THIS TAKES 30 SECONDS TO DOWNLOAD (This article appeared in the March 2006 magazine issue of Community Banker. It is reprinted with permission of America's Community Bankers.) 

Excel Builders is a custom home builder in MD and DE, and they build homes that are not only more efficient, but in some cases, flame retardent, as well as less succeptible to disaster.




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